The official language of the company is English. For a more detailed description of the company's activities, please visit the English version of the site. The information translated into languages other than English is for informational purposes only and does not have any legal force. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in other languages. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing this World Wide Web site ("Website") and any of these pages, you indicate that you have read, approved and accepted these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not access this Web Site. The Company reserves the right to change these Terms of Use, which you are responsible for periodically reviewing, and your continued use of this Web Site accepts all such changes. 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. This License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) shall enter into force between Ekol Global Markets, represented by its Affiliates (hereinafter referred to as the Company), and any individual or legal unit hereinafter referred to as Customer. This Agreement is an integral part of the publicly available documentation package, provided that the Customer serves its Customers (including financial and information services, etc.). 1.2. When Customer chooses the Company's services or otherwise interacts with the Company, it fully accepts all terms and conditions of all publicly disclosed documents. The Customer shall immediately cease any interaction with the Company if the Company does not accept any clause (section, part) of any public document (ie: does not accept the terms of use of the information provided by the Customer). Company etc. 1.3. This Agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in any type of format (Company, Customers, third parties) to be published on the official official website of the Company. It is available at, otherwise transferred, published or published (ie, information published on other Internet sites owned by one of the Company or one of its Affiliates, economic news through the customer), etc.) 1.4. For the purpose of this Agreement, the legal entities or persons in the above mentioned address who obtain information from the Company's web server (the site) and use the company in any way shall be considered as information users. 1.5. This Agreement applies to information that has been reproduced in other information carriers, including copies of published or published, published or published through other information channels on the Company's Web server (site). 1.6. Other regulations, statutory and official documents apply to certain types of information. Especially: 1.6.1 The Company logo is a registered trademark and is in particular protected by the applicable legislation of the International Trademark Act; 1.6.2 Macroeconomic news (newscasts), Dow Jones & Company Inc. (UK, Russia) or by the licensors and is protected by copyright law and other intellectual property laws; 1.6.3 The copyright of materials published by third parties on the Company's Web server is protected by the laws of the authors' nationality countries and by international law; 1.6.4 The copyright of the materials published on the Company's Web site and published by the Company itself (in its own name) is protected by international law. 2. BASIC DEFINITIONS IN THE EXISTING AGREEMENT 2.1. The following terminology used in this Agreement has the specified meaning unless otherwise stated in this Agreement: 2.1.1 The Company's Web server is a software and hardware system that is connected to the Internet and can provide information upon request. However, in order to obtain information from the Web server, information from the Client (information user) may or may not be required, but the provisions of this Agreement apply equally to the information transmitted through open channels. If the authorization is successful, through authorization and secure channels. 2.1.2 The Trading Server of the Company is a software and hardware system that is capable of providing a certain amount of information upon request if the Internet is connected to the Internet and authorization is successful. In particular, information may include the flow of quotes of financial instruments and economic news. 2.1.3 Information received by a user means the data received by the Customer's hardware (if the provided equipment is connected to the Internet or other communication channels) from the Company server (or other transmitter device or system). With respect to the information distributed in printed copies (a), this (a) is a process associated with the acquisition, reading and understanding of the information. 2.1.4 Information or data represented in electronic or otherwise: texts (such as scenarios, passwords, etc., including any form and content, including encrypted text), audio and video recordings, pictures, design elements and photographs. 2.1.5 Information use means the Customer's hardware (client terminal, scanner, etc.) means to view, translate, reproduce, or transfer, or convert (or produce) data to, or display, other data using the downloaded software. Print copy), copy and delete this information regardless. Any transfer of data to third parties is also considered to be use of information. 3. RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CUSTOMERS 3.1. When using information, published on the Company's Web server (site) or otherwise published (published), 3.1.1. Provide precise, actual and complete personal information during registration (to the extent necessary for registration); If there are actual changes to these data (for example, change of residence, last name (for any reason), phone number or other personal registration data), please make the relevant changes on time. Registration data can be changed, for example, by contacting the Company employee with the contact form. 3.1.2 Do not attempt to register a third party to the site even if this party is aware of it or has requested it from you; As a result, anyone who wants to sign up for the site will do it independently. 3.1.3 Make appropriate arrangements to ensure the security of data that can be used to provide access to any system (service) provided by the Company. This editing passwords, entries, ID numbers and so on. Applies to. 3.1.4 Observe the laws in place in the Customer's country as well as the applicable international laws regarding copyright law and intellectual property rights. 3.1.5 Do not use the Company's Web server (site) to use the software to prevent (or damage) the Web server (s) from running, or to cause the server to fail. and / or individual service (inaccessibility of the server and / or individual services) or otherwise disrupt the normal operation of the servers. In particular, Customer does not attempt to automatically collect publicly available data or information that does not belong to third parties, Customer will not automatically attempt to register. In addition, Customer must not attempt to overload the Web server (site) or trading server, which provides unnecessary information in order to cause malfunction and / or prevent normal users from accessing the Web or trading server. 3.1.6 To be liable for all and all transactions carried out using the Client's account, including actions that lead to the Company's loss or loss, in accordance with the Company's legal legislation and publicly available documents (ie: Customer is responsible for all). Activities carried out by unlawful (or contrary to the Company's public documents) account). 3.1.7 Do not use in any other way (illegal) any information published in the Web site (site) containing any service that permits the publication of any data or threats, insults or misconduct, including threats, responsibilities or dignity and dignity of third parties. The Parties shall enter into defenses (especially any information) which are directly or indirectly violating the rights of citizens or legal entities, whether racial, religious or ethnic discrimination and hostility or protected human rights (including particularly disturbing words); any format (including aliases, conference broadcasts, etc.). 3.2. By the company Dow Jones & Company Inc. (UK, Russia) and the content related to the economic news published by the licensor Customer: 3.2.1 Observe effective copyright and intellectual property laws. 3.2.2 Do not store, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, communicate on the basis of news, broadcast, broadcast, or reproduce the news via communication channels. 3.2.3 Use news as a basis for analysis of an economic situation for personal purposes or at its discretion. 3.2.4 Not used for commercial purposes, nor will it sell, nor provide access to the commission. 3.3 When using the information provided by the Company, the Customer has the right to: 3.3.1 Independently, in its sole discretion and for personal use, select all information published by the Company on the Web server (site) or broadcast on a customer terminal or other channels. 3.3.2 Use any information for personal use to the extent that it does not comply with this License Agreement. 4. COMPANY RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES 4.1. When providing information to customers (in any way by any means) or publishing freely accessible information, the Company may: 4.1.1 Take all possible measures to make the information real, accurate, complete, timely, consistent and useful. 4.1.2 Consider customers' requests first and adjust the volume, composition and quality of publicly available information or information through the secure communication channels. 4.2. When providing information to customers (through whatever means) or publishing freely accessible information, the Company has the following rights: 4.2.1 Set, add, remove, and convert the entire structure, composition and quality of any information at its sole discretion. 4.2.2. Create or remove services hosted on the company's Web server and restrict access rights to these services to your liking. 4.2.3. Make decisions on providing publicly available information (through public channels) or confidentially (through secure channels, subject to successful authorization) at its sole discretion. 4.2.4 Make decisions based on the price of the information provided, access to it (subscription), or at the sole discretion of the service hosted on the Company's Web site. In particular, the Company reserves the right to charge extra fees for the use of this information or the service. 5. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PARTIES 5.1. The Web site of the official Web site (site), including all software operated on the Company's Web server (site): can be used as well as graphics, audio, video and text content. The Company does not guarantee (in the most appropriate way) that the Site or its services meet the specific opinions or expectations of the individual User or User groups for use for the specific purposes the User considers. The Company cannot guarantee that results will be obtained using the Web server (site) and / or a separate service (expected, foreseeable or probable). 5.2. Dow Jones & Company Inc. With respect to the economic news published by the US and the Content licensors, neither the Company nor its legal owner can guarantee that the information is complete, accurate, periodical, and non-responsible. Provided that they are aware of any such potential loss or damage, for any damage or loss related to the use, use or improper use of the above information. 5.3. Regarding public analytical, journalistic or educational activities published or broadcast by the Company, the Company does not give any warranties (direct and indirect), irrespective of copyright (author's rights). 5.4. The Parties are liable under the applicable legislation when establishing relations in accordance with this Agreement. 6. Changes 6.1. The Company reserves the right to make changes and additions to this Agreement. In particular, it may arise directly or indirectly in cases not defined in the current edition of the Convention or if there is a rule or law requiring a relevant change or addition. 6.2. Agenda procedure: 6.2.1 In the event of changes and / or additions, the Company shall inform the Customers by sending the relevant notice on the official website and sending a message via the internal mail system. 6.2.2 The publication of the relevant notice on the Company's website and the sending of messages via internal mail, and whether or not the Customer has read or ignored the relevant text, or whether or not it has ignored it, shall be deemed to be Customer's notice of the changes and / or attachments. 6.2.3 The amended document shall enter into force after five (five) full astronomical days (120 hours) after the notice is published on the Company's Web site, prior to this notice being of an informative nature. 6.2.4 The amended document applies to all registered accounts immediately after publication (irrespective of any other accounts that the owner may have previously registered). The amended document shall apply to the trading accounts recorded before the date of entry into force. 6.2.5 In the case of a rule or law which requires a change to be made in accordance with this Agreement, the rule or law shall not be made or made in the required law and / or additions. The arrangements of this Agreement, which are contrary to the newly introduced rule or the law, become invalid by the entry into force of the corresponding amendments to the above-mentioned document. 7. FINAL PROVISIONS 7.1. The Company takes into account the tasks related to ensuring timely and timely information support and providing access to information services to customers on the issue of honor. However, conditions not controlled by the Company may make the above mentioned tasks problematic or impossible. 7.2. Any disputes that may arise shall be resolved in accordance with the negotiation or requests and the applicable legislation and the Company public documents. 8. ACCEPTANCE BY EMPLOYER 8.1. I agree with all terms of publicly available documents regarding the use of the Company's services and will immediately discontinue use of the Company's services in case of dispute.