What is Forex?

Forex; is a foreign exchange market where the currencies of countries are exchanged and sold. English Foreign Exchange words are derived by shortening. Global forex market is the highest liquidity in the world with a transaction volume of 5.5 trillion dollars daily. Those active in the Forex market; central banks, commercial banks, portfolio management companies, intermediary institutions, international funds, large investment companies and individual investors. 

Forex transactions always use two types of currency, they are also called currency pairs. In the pricing of the currency pair, the value of the first currency is determined against the value of the second currency. Investors, by analyzing the value of the currency pair in the future, analyze the loss and aims to gain from the price movements. 

For example; If the investor believes that the US Dollar will gain value against Turkish Lira, he buys US Dollars on the platform and sells Turkish Lira. This is the USDBY Buy on the platform (BUY). 

What are the Advantages of Forex Trading?

Below are the advantages of Forex trading.

You can trade 5 days 24 hours on currency pairs, commodity and CFD products.

The global forex market is more than the sum of the world stock and bond markets with a daily trading volume of $ 7.5 trillion. This means a market free of manipulative movements.

It is possible to make gains by buying or selling transactions on both rising and falling price movements in the market.

With the tight spread rates that we offer to our investors, it enables you to maintain your investments with low costs.

EkolFX enables traders in the forex market to trade with leverage ratios up to 1: 500. For example; Using the leverage ratio of 1: 500, you can open the investment process of 500,000 USD with 1,000 USD.

All our investors can follow the developments affecting the markets and the economic data explained on our market analysis page.

  • Provides 5/24 Operations

  • The World's Largest and Most Liquid Financial Market.

  • It is the World's Largest and Most Liquid Financial Market.

  • Low Transaction Costs Available

  • Provides Capability to Transaction up to 500 times with Minimum Capital

  • Gives Easy Access to Information


If you want to learn more detailed advantages, please feel free to contact us.

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